RevUp is an annual charity motorcycle challenge in aid of various local and national
charities. While the event was originally set up to support Down Syndrome Ireland for
the last number of years the event has supported a variety of different causes.
It all started back in 2005 when two kindred spirits, Michael McCormick and Aidan
Lynam, met. Both are Dads to young girls born with Down Syndrome, Megan and
Robyn respectively, and both are keen motorcyclists. Michael was looking to run a
motorcycle event for DSI and Aidan was thinking along similar lines. So after a fairly
brief but enthusiastic meeting Rev-up was born.
At the outset the hope was for 50 bikes, each raising €1,000 which would have been
fantastic. Little did they know then exactly how big or how fast the event would grow!
In May 2006 the inaugural event set off from Joe Duffy’s BMW dealership with 94
bikes taking part, about half of which were carrying pillions and all were bedecked in
shirts, badges and stickers. That run raised in excess of €200,000 at the first attempt
was an absolutely astounding achievement by all the participants and truly humbled
all who were involved.
The event continues to grow in size since its humble beginnings and has now firmly
stamped itself into the Irish motorcycling calendar as one of the premier charity
events. The event works as a navigation exercise with the initial points to ride to
being given out in Finglas at the start of the first day. You simply follow the
instructions and ride to the first checkpoint where you get the second set of
instructions and so on. The great thing about doing it this way is that you get to leave
when you want and ride at the pace you enjoy and in a group you’re happy to ride

We hope to see you all on the road in May!

Revup 2021

This event is a charitable challenge for motorcycle riders in aid of multiple charities chosen by the RevUp team.
A 1,000 km tour of Ireland with 3 days riding is the fun bit. Although this is a not an overly strenuous tour, the real challenge is to raise money for charity. The trip is not a race or a timed competition but a challenge for everybody participating.
All the roads used are public roads and accordingly subject to current legislation and the Road Traffic act.
The ride out is organised by Team RevUp who offer no special insurance to the riders or participants. Team RevUp and the Lords Taveners Ireland are not responsible for the participants’ action. All riders operate with their own risk and must take care of their personal property and themselves.

RevUp Supplementary Regulations

RevUp is only open to motorcyclists and their passengers. No Cars.
All types of motorcycles authorised by road traffic regulations may participate.
The event is a point-to-point navigation ride.
Participation is at the discretion of the organiser, whose decisions are final.
Entries are made online via or to Meet & Assist Ireland Ltd. 13 Moy Glas Court, Griffeen Valley, Lucan, Co. Dublin.
Entry to the event is by donation, with a minimum requirement of €650 sponsorship per rider & €500 for pillion passengers. The benefits of the fee include: – Route cards for each stage of the point-to-point navigation ride; accommodation (including breakfast), evening meal & entertainment at venues; awards, badges, souvenirs.
Only participants who participate in the route in accordance with these regulations are eligible for badges, souvenirs, awards and entry to the awards.
Based on information on the entry forms, awards will be made as follows:
  • Best bike
  • Furthest travelled
  • Youngest rider
  • Oldest rider
  • Biggest corporate sponsor
  • Most collected by an individual
  • Oldest bike
  • Smallest Bike
Please adhere to any additional instructions given to you from event co-ordinators while on the event.
Tips for a good ride out:
Expect the un-expected – Follow the Rules. Being stopped for speeding wastes time, earns penalty points & costs money.
Avoid travelling in large groups.
Pinpoint navigation, not high speeds!
Arrive early! Leave early! Avoid night-time travel!
Start early each morning!
Don’t waste time at or between CPs!


Revup 2021

registration now open